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Synergy Marketing Program

We are now introducing our Newest service called Synergy marketing!

What is it?

Synergy marketing is a service provided by Xdreem that helps a small business save money marketing their business! Synergy marketing puts businesses in touch with one another to combine their resources that allow them to launch, and sustain a direct marketing campaign at reduced costs as compared to "going it alone".

It is a well known fact that direct marketing is a highly effective tool to getting your businesses message into the hands of potential clients. However, at a cost of 4.5- 8 cents per flyer, most small businesses find the costs least to do it on a regular schedule.

As a small business ourselves we understand the importance of marketing, and the importance of a small business to save every penny possible!

This is why we have decided to pull together several small businesses trying to utilize the power of direct marketing, while sharing the costs with other small businesses wanting the same.

The results - costs are reduced by up to 1/8th of the cost of going it alone

It is possible to produce pretty much anything in the way of direct marketing. Flyers, coupons, calendars, etc.

Flyers can be any size, depending on the number of advertisers involved.

Why pay someone else big bucks for producing a flyer, when we can do it here affordably!


Please email for more information

Once we have several businesses together, we will design, print, and mail the direct marketing piece to designated, targeted areas.

Also, New to our Synergy Marketing Program is the availability of affordable Corrugated Plastic Lawn Signs! See signs page

With the signs, high traffic areas can be identified, and utilized to bring even more attention to your business, flyer, or any other marketing piece!

Business to business
Business to residential

Weather-Proof Lawn Signs:  

Bring attention to your business with these mini, affordable billboards!

It's difficult for your average small business to gain any marketing momentum when all advertising avenues are so expensive. Small businessess continue to struggle for affordable recognition.

Well, the times are changing! To enhance our direct marketing campaign, we have now made corrugated lawn signs affordable to all small businesses everywhere.


Let's say you are targeting the north-east section of the city with direct marketing. Now, you add in our mini-billboards in key traffic areas.

The effects cannot be under-estimated!

Our research indicates that we have the best pricing in Western Canada...even with shipping to other provinces!

Please email for more information


Fastest Turnaround in the Business!

Currently at 3-5 Days Production!  Please call for availability of Rush Service.

Why Corrugated Plastic?
Our corrugated plastic signs have a number of advantages over traditional aluminum and poster board signs. They are lightweight and sturdy which makes them easier to store: and they are more easily attached to frames. If bent, they don't leave a permanent crease and they cost less!

Screen-printed on 3/16" thick all weather Corrugated Plastic Sheeting. 

1c/1s = One color, one side
2c/1s = Two color, one side
1c/2s = One color, two sided
2c/2s = Two color, two sided
Price Per Sign
18" x 24" 1 10 25 50 100 250 500 1000 2500
1 color 1 sided req req req 4.49 3.90 2.85 req req req
1 color 2 sided req req req 5.49 4.85 3.45 req req req
2 color 1 sided req req req       req req req
2 color 2 sided req req req       req req req
Each additional color req req req       req req req
4 color process 1 side req req req 19.00 16.00 12.00 10.00 10.00 10.00
4 color process 2 side req req req 19.00 16.00 12.00 10.00 10.00 10.00
req = request more information via email or phone
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